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Bush Skills (summer and winter)

On the Land

Overnight experiences are also available.

This all day, hands on session will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about the following:


  • Shelter Making / Use

    • Summer – using the materials from the land; tent 

    • Winter: Quinzhee, Snow Trench, Igloo (dependent upon snow conditions)


  • Fire starting (see fire teaching option for details)


  • Water purification

    • Store bought options

    • Using the land and what's at hand to make water safer


  • Plant Identification and Use

    • How to identify poisonous plants and to recognize and consume edible ones

  • “Plan before you go out” teachings

    • How to avoid unnecessary hardship if you get lost

      • What to bring and what to leave behind

      • The psychology of bush survival and stress management techniques

  • Basic Search and Rescue techniques

    • How to build and use distress signals

  • Compass and Map skills

  • Knife and axe safety

Duration: minimum 6 hours

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