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It was an excellent day. I liked the way Shawn touched on the 7 Sacred Teachings with the Beaver, Bear and Sasquatch, the clarifying of the Truth and Reconciliation movement, plus the history and hands on learning of Pemmican. I felt like I was going back in time and connecting with the land again, especially with the outdoor cooking of trout, potatoes and blueberries!

The Medicine walk was so informative and i was surprised how many plants were not native to Canada.

There were so many highlights ... like the Tipi with the fire and hot apple cider while discussing the 4 medicines.

I loved walking along the river and seeing those huge flat rocks - very magical.

My jacket still smells like smoke - luv it! 

D F-G, Adult Education Instructor Oct 2020


It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I would love to return again during a different season. Shawn was full of knowledge and an excellent host. It would be such a worthwhile experience for any of our students.

J W-R, Mature Student Instructor Oct 2020


It definitely was an excellent day. There were so many highlights that i can't pick any one as the best part of the day..... other than having someone cook and serve us lunch! I would definitely recommend this experience to others and would gladly go again another time to learn more. The setting, and Shawn's ability to teach and share information , was so conducive to learning! Every part of the day was a highlight!

S. H. Retired Early Years Teacher, Oct 2020


Shawn is such a wealth of information. I wish that i had brought a notebook to record what he said, so I will need to hear the same teachings again :-D (a great excuse to go back!) The time seemed to short and we could have stayed for a longer time to talk more. 

J.M. Mature Student Instructor Oct 2020


Learned so much and loved being on the land. The weather could have been warmer but the hot apple cider and soup really hit the spot. Great food! can't wait to go back. 


S. B. Mature Student 





The children were so excited and eager to get to the Red Road Compass land that day. They were like little sponges, absorbing all the knowledge and stories you shared with them. They especially loved the hot dog creation story. Some went home and shared it with their families. It was such a great stimulating experience for them.

Bet they’ll never forget it! Thank you, 

J.B., Coordinator - Head Start Daycare  Feb 2020

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