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Shawn Charlebois – Founder / Operator

Hello. Kwe’

Thank you for sharing your time with me by coming here.

I started this company as a way of creating a positive environment that promotes Land Based experience and Indigenous focused teaching / learning. A place where the 7 Sacred teachings are taught and followed. A place where Indigenous culture can be celebrated and shared in an honest way with all those who wish to learn and / or teach. A place where romantic ideas and images regarding Indigenous peoples are challenged; a place where skills and practice are equally blended so that participants leave with the knowledge needed to survive in the 21st century.

As a person of mixed heritage (French Acadian Mi’kmaq) I have always had a strong connection to the land, my family and the teachings of my Elders. In times of struggle it was these three things that allowed me to heal and find life balance.  I recognized however, that in order for me to be happy, I needed to be able to navigate successfully between “traditional” and “contemporary” knowledge and experience. My hope is to share this approach with all those who are interested.


Education / Experience

Over 25 years experience working in Indigenous Education, Employment and Training, Interdisciplinary Masters Degree in Indigenous Studies, Applied Anthropology and History with a specialization in Community Based Programming, Part-Time Instructor for University College of the North with focus on Indigenous studies and Canadian history as well as Indigenous focused counselling; currently hold position with Prairie Mountain Health as the Supervisor for Indigenous Human Resources.

An equal partner in a loving relationship for over 24 years. We have two wonderful sons. 

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Joseph McIvor (Coordinator / Consultant)

As a Metis from Central Manitoba I have worked and volunteered in the area of education and employment for numerous years, particularly within an indigenous framework.

My journey on the Red Road has taken me throughout Northern Manitoba and Western Canada working with Indigenous individuals, families, communities and organizations.

I have, and continue to be a strong advocate of education and understand its major

importance as a social determinant of health and well being. 

As a consultant with Red Road Compass I work in the development and facilitation of workshops within an ecological perspective.

I hold a degree in Social Work with focus on vocational rehabilitation.


Michelle Gambler

(Coordinator / Consultant)

Aniin, Tansi, Welcome


I would like to introduce myself as a Anishinaabe Ikwe from Mina’igoziibiing First Nation (Pine Creek First Nation). I am 30 years old. My English name is Michelle Denise Gambler. My Indigenous name is Walking Butterfly Woman. I am a mother of a 12 year old daughter. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. I grew up in Dauphin, Mb from the age of 4; the daughter of a Residential School survivor and that’s to say the least.

I have endured many trials and tribulations in my young life and I hope that my experience will influence others to find and/or stay on the Red Road. 



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Coreen Roulette (Coordinator / Consultant)


Hello, my name is Coreen Roulette. I currently work in a program administration for a non-profit organization and am so excited to have been invited to be part of the Red Road Compass family. 


I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education and work in the field for more than 20 years. Working with children was not only the best years of my life, but the most important work of my life.  

I am Anishinaabe/Metis and identify as female - she/her. I was born and raised in Dauphin, MB but currently live in Winnipeg with my 21 year old son. 

My quest for wellness started in my early 20s and led me to AA, women's groups, sharing circles and to several different faith-based institutions. It also led me to our sacred ceremonies. I am a Sundancer and Oshkabewisikwe (helper).


I am always interested in growing spiritually and learning more and more about our Sacred Medicines, teachings and language.

In Loving Memory - Forever Part of Our Family


Shawn Emory Wiggins (IT Consultant)

Good Day,

May better technology be a means of better connection – not just a purpose unto itself.

I work for Red Road Compass as their technology lead to assist in better fleshing out the vision that Shawn Charlebois has, and attempts to expresses, either through the use of his website or videos we make together.

Everything we use is just a different form of hammer, that will be used to either build or demolish the relationships around us. My purpose is to be a form of grease or catalyst that either teaches how or directly uses the technology available to me to better connect people and strengthen whatever form my community takes.

Education / Experience
I have worked twenty plus years in the information technology business. From building my own computers and networks to doing on phone tier one support for a major shipping company and their software and website. My focus when I am working is on troubleshooting and finding a solution, while offering empathy. If I can – try and predict any issues that may come up!!

Having some university courses helped with my teaching a wall climbing at a summer camp, and facilitating a business applications class at UCN Swan River. My day job is in the humans resources department for Prairie Mountain Health, where I have duties in disability management and workplace health and safety – as I am also a certified Fit Tester.

An equal partner in a loving relationship for just over 18 years. We have a curious daughter.

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