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Elders: What is an Elder, Roles and etiquette

On the Land or Boardroom / Classroom

This session is a wonderful compliment to the Protocols of the Circle and the 7 Sacred Teachings sessions.

The term "Elder" has found its way into the minds, mouths and hearts of many Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples throughout Canada.


Academic institutions, governmental and community agencies, to name but a few, have begun to recognize the benefits which can be obtained by accessing the knowledge and experiences that these special people possess.


Although this understanding is relatively new in “mainstream“ society, the belief that Elders are powerful, educated people who deserve our attention and respect has been well known and accepted within Indigenous culture for many years. But what does it mean?


This session will discuss what is an Elder, their value and how to include them in the reconciliation and teaching process.

Duration: 1 hour

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