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Schools, Youth Groups and Child

and Youth Organizations

Red Road Compass operates with a wristband policy. All people arriving onsite MUST have a wristband clearly displayed to access land, facilities and/or meals. Wristbands are supplied by Red Road Compass prior to date for conveniences or upon arrival.


  • While on the land and/or attending sessions children / youth / students are the responsibility of the agency that the child / youth / student was originally assigned with.

  • Red Road Compass (Charlebois Holdings) in no way promotes and/or accepts care of any individual brought to the classroom /  land for education/ training at any time. ​


  • Red Road Compass policy for ALL children / youth is a chaperone to student ratio of 1:8. This is a mandatory requirement in all areas of the land, sessions, activities, with no exceptions. This to insure the safety of all children / youth while they are on our premises.

Chaperones – Refers to those teachers / supervisors who stay with children / youth / students at all times. 



Consider adding food service to your day. Check out our Food Service section.

Please Note: If your staff are interested in a specific session please ask.

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