Traditional techniques for fish and meat smoking

On the Land and Boardroom / Classroom

*Materials for smoking for sale in Store Section*

This hands on session can either focus on long term salt preservation smoking or short term smoking for immediate consumption.


 Either way you will head out on the land and harvest the materials needed to produce the perfect smoke. Learn how to construct the smoke structure, prepare the fire and the materials for smoking.  Learn how to process the fish and/or meat.


At the end of the session you will leave with the finished product to share with your family and friends.



  • Long Term Salt Preservation   = 2 - 4 hours to prep + 2 + 4 for smoking

  • Short Term Smoking   = 2 - 4 hours

  • Just the teachings so you can do it on you own (On-land or in boardroom) = 1 hour

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