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Workshops - Professional Development


Session #3 – Exploring the Realities of the Canadian Residential School System


Through the voices of those that were hired to represent … combined with the stories of those that were there  - this workshop will provide staff with information pertaining to the Canadian Residential School System; as well as insight into the lives of Indigenous peoples who continue to deal with the effects of this experience.


This session is offered in a circle.


  • Knowledge Keepers (Residential School Survivors) are the presenters. These Elders, which I have   worked with several times, create a safe, honest environment for all participants. An environment of teaching and reconciliation not blame. In this workshop I am only the helper.

  • Depending on availability … three Elders will be present for this session.

  • Note: The cost of this session is the highest of all sessions.

Please Contact our Office for Session Rates

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