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Workshops - Professional Development


Session #1 – Beginning the Journey



To introduce the concept of Indigenous based cultural sensitivity / cultural safety and to allow participants a safe opportunity to reflect upon their current level of understanding.


This session is offered in semi-formal academic way. PowerPoint presentation.

During this session an activity is done which allows participant to ask any question regarding Indigenous peoples / issues in complete anonymity. All questions are collected and answered by myself and consultants after the session. All answers are returned to your department for distribution back to participants. I have administered this exercise to almost 1000 participants during my past workshops. The information collected provides clear, honest insight of your staffs understanding regarding Indigenous peoples and issues.

Topics: Language (The role of media); Cultural Sensitivity Training vs. Indigenous Based Cultural Sensitivity Training; The role of Stereotypes / Misinformation; Cultural Safety – what is it and how to use it to develop a Turning Point in teaching and community engagement.

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